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Pegasus Knight Figurines

Pegasus Knights

Pegasus Knights are the artist's specialty. Pegasus Knights can be key pieces in a Warhammer Games Workshop Bretonnian army, as they count as flying cavalry. From the feathers of a bird's wing to the smooth horse's coat, the detail in each piece will astound you. You can choose to have your miniature done on a standard flying creature base, as purchased from Games Workshop, or on the artists' custom ledge or waterfall base, as seen in the Pegasus Knight gallery.

Knights of the Realm Figurines

Knights of the Realm

Knights of the Realm are the heart of the Warhammer Bretonnian army. Knights errant, Grail knights and Questing knights are just a few of the many knights that the Bretonnian army can send against it's foes. These knights of the realm can be custom painted in any colors and heraldry you select. Please see our description of historic heraldry if you don't know where to begin. Or, take a look at the gallery of Knights of the Realm or the Pegasus Knights to get ideas for your own custom piece or group.

Elven Army Figurines

Elven Army

Elven Army pieces are another specialty of the artist. From Dark Elf Cold Ones to the High Elf Dragons, each miniature is incredibly detailed, down to the dripping saliva, shiny scales and blood-tipped claws. Wood Elves are another artist favorite. Using rich, natural colors of flora and fauna, the artist brings life to pieces like the Wood Elf Hero on Stag.

Army Unit Figurines

Army Units

Units are the core of every Army. Complete units range from the regimented Men-at-Arms and peasant bowmen of Bretonnia, to the barely controlled goblin regiments and Savage Orc Boyz, colored with warpaint for battle. Every unit can also have a command, custom painted to match. All Warhammer units are available for custom painting in any quantity of miniatures you choose.

It's nice to imagine yourself as the General of an army of knights and heroes. But it's amazing to see that army come to life, in bold color, marching to meet the Orc forces. Or perhaps you yearn for something more unusual? Our miniatures can put you in command of a truly terrifying band of Chaos warriors.

Or maybe, like us, you've been a Dungeons and Dragons fan since the time when there were only three choices for character class. Now there are plenty of races and classes available and thousands of customizable figures for your game. From favorite PC and NPC to random bands of monsters, we've got you covered. Have your favorite character immortalized in perfect detail, down to the color of their eyes and +3 enchanted sword's magical red ruby pommel stone.

Other Warhammer fantasy miniatures include the three armies of Chaos, Vampire Counts, Dwarves, the Empire, Goblins, Lizardmen, Skaven and the Tomb Kings. Any of these fantasy armies, single specialty works or hero pieces can be painted to your exact specifications. And, of course, we won't forget Warhammer 40K.

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Painted Fantasy Miniatures.com can also bring your favorite role-playing game to life. Many popular role-playing games feature 25mm standardized miniatures similar to Warhammer miniatures.

Send us any fantasy miniature and bring to life role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, (AD&D) by Wizards of the Coast. They look awesome when used with WotC dungeon tiles, Dwarven Forge dungeons, or good 'ol stand-by battlemats, adding a whole new dimension to gaming. Some great companies include Reaper and DarkSword, Larry Elmore's new miniature line.

Whatever your fantasy, we'll bring it to life. Change the way you game. Contact us today.