About the Artist - Michael Lee Brent

Raw talent, diligent perseverance and the convergence of two passions: art and gaming, are the elements that inspire Michael Lee Brent's work. The galleries speak for themselves, but you're here to learn what makes this artist tick.

Michael Holding A Pegasus Figurine

"I'm wicked picky about everything, you know that." he states. The quote comes straight from the mouth of the artist, as I prompt him to describe himself for this bio. These innate perfectionist tendencies are evident in Michael's work, but what really brings them to life is his passion.

He's good. Amazing really; with a precise hand and an observant eye, Michael breathes life into every piece he creates. He's too modest to admit it, but the evidence is in his work. That's what natural ability, coupled with innate perfectionism and an education in classic art will do.

When a Passion for Art and Gaming Come Together

In high school, Michael proved to have a great deal of talent in art, winning numerous awards including placing in an FAA international art contest. That's also the time he began enjoying sci-fi and fantasy and started gaming in the world of Mechwarrior. Directly after high school he decided to pursue a formal education in the arts and was accepted into the University of New Hampshire Fine Arts program. During college he joined a D&D role-playing group which also dabbled in Warhammer fantasy and Warhammer 40K. Michael received his Bachelor of Arts and went in search of every artists' dream; to make a living from the talent. Eventually he found the market for pro-painted Warhammer miniatures on E-bay; two passions were joined and the artist/gamer became a fantasy miniatures painter.

Today, Michael paints full time, plus. It's not an easy life, but seeing each piece come to life and bring joy to the owner makes it a very fulfilling one. Thousands of his miniatures fight the good fight on Warhammer tabletops and D&D battle mats across the US. He also has regular clients overseas, including Italy, France, Russia and Australia.

After seeing this website launched he would like to start touring the Warhammer gaming tourneys. His goal is to win a Golden Demon award. In the little spare time he has, Michael enjoys reading fantasy novels and gaming D&D 3.5 edition. His great dream is to be asked to join the Games Workshop 'Eavy Metal painting team.

Escape With Painted Fantasy Miniatures

It's been a hard battle becoming a full time artist. And Michael doesn't encourage all of you with stable, full-time jobs to quit and pursue a career in miniatures painting. But, at very least, take some time out to immerse yourself in the most realistic fantasy game you have ever imagined...courtesy of Painted Fantasy Miniatures.com

Award Winning Warhammer Knight

Afterward; Michael has also created many non-miniature and non-fantasy works of art. Michael has created many amazing pieces in an array of mediums including: drawing, illustration, painting, charcoal, lithography and pottery, just to name a few. He has even forged his own arrowhead during his time in the SCA.

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