Painted Beasts of Chaos Miniatures

Beats of Chaos History

The Beasts of Chaos are brutal, attacking from their home in the twisted dark heart of the old forests and the wastelands long forgotten. They strike civilization without warning hinting at the cunning that lies beneath their animalian appearance. All manner of creatures rally together, bringing order to chaos under one banner, raiding slaughtering and causing general pandemonium.

On the Battlefield

A mix of fur, scales and warped flesh, these Beasts are tainted by the essence of chaos, so your painting can be varied to give fiendish look of the taint. Beastmen armies vary in force, defense and cunning, including the quick Chaos Hounds, Tusgor Chariots and Centogor, the strong Bestigor, Chaos Trolls and Dragon Ogres and the monstrous Shaggoths.

The versatility of this army makes it perfect for players who want to change up their game and surprise opposing generals with every fielding, or who frequently battle many different types of armies.

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