Painted Bretonnian Miniatures

Knights of Bretonnia Miniatures

Knights of Bretonnia

The Knights are the heart of the Bretonnian Army; a Knight of Bretonnia would rather die with honor than live without it. Bretonnian Knights live to uphold the virtues of chivalry and honor. They are driven less by personal glory than to fulfill the ideals of the people of Bretonnia.

Bretonnian Pegasus Miniatures

Bretonnian Pegasus

Like all Knights of the Realm, the duties of the Pegasus Knights are to defend their domain with honor and bravery until death. Pegasus Knights are the richest and most influential of all the Knights of the Realm. Their prestige allows them the honor of owning the elusive and powerful Pegasus; as these creatures are difficult to capture and challenging to train. Noble and proud, these beasts are exceptionally intelligent and ownership of one of these majestic animals is the ultimate symbol of wealth and success.

Bretonnian Units Miniatures

Bretonnian Units

If the Knights of the Realm are the heart of your Bretonnian Army, then the Units are the hands. Units provide the Knights with a body of troops with which he can safeguard his domain. Many times, members of these Units will accompany their Knight when he is summoned away to war, while other members will remain behind to safeguard the castle and shelter local villagers until the Knight returns.

Other Bretonnian Miniatures

Bretonnian Special Characters

The King of Bretonnia himself, his Majesty Louen Leoncoeur is one of Bretonnia's special characters, and can often be seen in battle, fielded as a Lord. And what army would be complete without a beautiful lady to inspire honor and great deeds amongst the Knights? The mighty Kingdom of Bretonnia has some powerful inhabitants willing to lend their swords, magic, and often their siege engines and other war regalia to the cause.

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