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Warhammer has been around since Games Workshop initially introduced Warhammer Fantasy Battle (also known as WFB) in 1983, and therefore the world of Warhammer has changed with those many years of epic conflict. Now in it's 7th edition, Warhammer Fantasy Battle has gone through changes in rules and updates in miniatures. This British based company also likes to keep it interesting and change things up frequently, always putting out updated rules, a greater selection of miniatures and better quality miniatures. Therefore, some miniatures must go out of production. But as they say, an old soldier never dies (he just fades away?) so Games Workshop UK has placed provisions within the rules for maintaining the playability of old miniatures. Some players find a great deal of satisfaction in collecting, and even playing, the hard-to-find miniatures from the early 80's. Not only does the Warhammer world contain out of print OOP MINIATURES, but Games Workshop has also been known to put out limited runs of miniatures in White Dwarf magazine or at a Games Day. (See our Games Workshop page for more information.)

Although the collector's range of Warhammer Fantasy miniatures is broad and diverse, some of the pieces that are still available to purchase from Games Workshop today include Mengil Manhide, the leader of the vicious Dark Elf Manflayers, and the legendary Richter Kreugar the Damned and his Cursed Company. Two that have been given greater notoriety in the world of Warhammer are Kislev and the Dogs of War.


The cold country of Kislev falls into this collector's range of miniatures, as it has never had a formal Army list of it's own, usually considered "Allies" to other armies such as the neighboring Empire. The Kislevites are a mix between a Slavic and Mongolian-themed people, as hard as the land they inhabit. This is evidenced by the powerful famed Winged Lancers, the bare-chested Horse Archers and the Tzar on his war Polar Bear mount) Tzarina Katarin, the Ice Queen of Kislev is known the world over to be the most powerful wizardess-queen, wielding the power of her homeland with deadly Ice magic. She and her followers can be an amazing addition to your allied army, lending not only diversity, but a cold beauty on the battlefield. Painted Fantasy Miniatures can give the figures a stern, weather-worn look to their faces and the glistening snow to the miniatures bases.

Dogs of War

The Dogs of War are another allied contingent in the Warhammer world. This company of mercenaries for hire come from many races and places. They live by the pay they gain from fighting for the highest bidder; wealth is their number one goal, and therefore some can be considered bandits and cut-throats. Although most of these mercenaries are human, Ogres, Dwarves and even Halflings join the group with their Halfling Hot Pots. The Dogs of war use Magic Items they have bought with plunder or taken from the fields of battle and will use any other advantage they can purchase, such as cannons. Pirazz's Lost Legion, The Alcatani Fellowship, Desert Dogs and the Marksmen of Miragliano...the list of mercenaries goes on and on, and includes surprising pieces such as the amazing Asarnil the Dragonlord riding the dragon DeathFang, or the beguilingly beautiful, yet deadly Lucrezia Belladona. Whether it is a towering Dogs of War Giant too tough to tackle or the Dragonlord himself, you can bring mercenary blood to our painting table at Painted Fantasy Miniatures.

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