Painted D&D / AD&D Miniatures

The history of gaming

Dungeons and Dragons, published in it's original version in 1974, changed the world of games, and in many cases the lives of Science-Fiction and Fantasy fans everywhere. Way before the days of on-line games, every person could be a hero in an epic LoTR-style setting, fighting everything from evil war-lords to dragons to the cunning litch, with plots as thick and convoluted and settings as amazing as our imaginations can create. And even now, in the age of internet gaming, the tabletop game does not die. There are no computer crashes or server failures during a game around the table with friends; the only pause is the one made to call for pizza at 3AM or to give the Dungeon Master a restroom break.

Enter the Player Character

Also known as D&D (and later AD&D for the "advanced" versions published) Dungeons and Dragons has undergone many revisions, from the original weakly bound and printed booklet published by a juvenile company called TSR, to many editions and accompanying "modules" that made D&D and AD&D a household name, to the 3rd and 4th editions following TSR's purchase by Wizards of the Coast in 1997. However, one thing has stayed a dependable constant throughout the 30 plus years of what is called "gaming" to those in the know; every player is a PC, and every PC has at least dreamed of the perfect miniature to represent their fantastical persona. The present D&D game now assumes the use of miniatures and the "battle-grid" system, writing it's Player's Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guide, as well as it's supplements and adventures from a miniatures rules perspective. Wizards of the Coast (WoTC) has been instrumental in helping players obtain reasonably priced monsters, which are now sold in pre-painted plastic as random, collectible figures in bulk containers. However, many gamers yearn for the days of the hearty ralidium, pewter, or even the lead figures (don't lick them!) of the old days.

Your Extraordinary PC Comes to Life

Painted Fantasy Miniatures can paint any or all of your old Ral Partha or Reaper figures or any of the marvelous creations by new modeling companies such as Dark Sword Miniatures, put out by Larry Elmore. Be they hoards of monstrous enemy or simply the old metal Carrion Crawler, send them our way. And most of all, what WoTC can't give you is your perfect PC miniature in all his or her glory. If you have been using your PC figure on the battle mat or dungeon tiles for years, wishing for it to come to life in color but not daring to pick up a brush, or simply have not had luck with your own painting trials, let Painted Fantasy Miniatures give you your dream. We know how important the perfect miniature and PC party can be; it gives life to our dreams; that is what D&D was made for.

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