Painted Daemons of Chaos Miniatures


The Daemons of Chaos come from the Plane of the Dark Gods themselves. The Chaos Gods watch the mortal world with a desire to unleash their essence and power amongst mortals and create the downfall of all mortal societies; their Daemons are the tool of that destruction. Each Daemon is an abomination born of its God's divine will and born from that God. There is Khorne the Blood God; Nurgle the Lord of Decay; Slaanesh the master of passions, vice, and temptation; and Tzeentch the Changer, also known as the essence of chaos.

On the Battlefield

A Daemon general can choose to merge the strengths of each of the Chaos Gods chosen ones, or field an army of solely one God and vastly excel at certain aspects of the game. Khorne is known for his godly strength, toughness and battle prowess, and his units, especially his aptly-named red-scaled bloodletters, draw on that strength by being peerless in strength and excelling at close combat.

Character Choices

The great Bloodthirster, a Greater Daemon of Khorne makes a legendary general and an amazing centerpiece miniature for your army. Nurgle is the physical opposite; a fat, bloated mass of pustules and boils, whose Plaguebearers are most notable for their resilience and the ability to regenerate due to Nurgles gift of disease that sucks the souls of mortals.

Slaanesh mimics the beauty of a tall, lithe and elegant, if not genderless human, whose Daemonettes are renown for their alacrity on the battlefield. Last, but not least, Tzeentch is a master of sorcery and powerful, magical ranged attacks. A unit of Tzeentch Horrors may look meek in its classic baby-blue or pink on the battlefield, but in truth acts with the power of a Wizard on the battlefield.

Whether you choose to specialize in one God or field the chosen of many, your painted miniatures of the Daemons of Chaos army will be wildly colored and remarkable on the battlefield.

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