Painted Dark Elves Miniatures


The cold-hearted Dark Elves are the epitome of cruel. In their never-ending war against the High Elves, the Dark Elves strike out from their lands each day to retrieve poor souls to enslave or sacrifice on the altar of Naggaroth.

They are spiteful, deceitful and cunning, but more than anything, the Dark Elves are relentless in their desire to attain domination over the High Elves and will do anything to achieve the necessary power. Their raids on all the lands of Warhammer are frequent and merciless, gathering the tools they need to reach their end goal. Nobody is safe from the bloody raids of the Dark Elves.

On the Battlefield

This is an army made up of elite; the Dark Elves are well practiced in the arts of war and generally field smaller parties of deadly warriors and monsters. Their range of attacks is great, as all Dark Elves are committed to the one cause.

As General, you can choose from long-ranged Crossbowmen and Bolt throwers to the close combat spearmen and even the monstrous War Hydra. Frequently seen on the field are the elitist Cold One Knights lead by a Dreadlord, and even the Dark Elf Sorceress with her powerful combat arcana. This army is full of secret strengths and wielded with subtlety, your enemy will never know what is coming next.

This army is best seen in subtly tinted shades of black, with hints of a few ominous reds or purples. The Dark Elves retain the pale flesh of their High Elf brethren, which contrasts their menacing, shadowy robes and armor. As a deadly centerpiece try fielding the Dark Elf Witch King Malekith himself; riding his dragon Seraphon, few pieces in the Warhammer range are as striking when custom pro-painted.

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