Painted Dwarves Miniatures


What you see is what you get. This strong, stoutly built (and always bearded- a status symbol indicating age and wisdom) race serves as amazing defensive warriors. Their short tempers, impatient nature and tough demeanor mean they have absolutely no reserves slicing their axes through a hoard of enemies for a bloody battle (or long sought revenge). As one of the most ancient races of the Warhammer World, the Dwarves are rather stuck in their ways; they hate the Golbin races and refuse to use any arcane magic.

On the Battlefield

Dwarves' power lies in their relentlessness. Stubbornly courageous, they are strong, sturdy and seldom tire, but Dwarves are not fast. Thus, they must rely on the powers of cooperation, mutual support and the backing of infantry units and war machines. In short: Dwarves don't mess around. Always straightforward, they prefer to take on the enemy's best charge, standing firm, and then respond with a vicious counterstrike than rely on tactics of surprise or attempts to outstrip an enemy.

Because of their superior understanding and execution of technical machines, Dwarves often employ the use of Cannons, Stone Throwers, Organ Guns, Bolt Throwers and Gyrocopters in battle. Each unit of these colorful characters should always have at least one superlative infranry special units of: Hammerers, Longbeards, or Ironbreakers.

Of course, battle celebration will include inebriation, and sometimes they don't bother to wait until after the battle to start drinking!

You have got endless creative liberty when it comes to customizing your Dwarf Army. From shields to body-tattoos, your Dwarf Army and their Weapons can be beautifully painted to all your specifications.

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