Painted Elven Army Miniatures Gallery

Elves are one of the fantasy genre's favorite superstars; like bearded wizards, dragons and trolls, no fantasy universe would be complete without them. They also happen to be one of the artists' favorite characters to paint in the genre. In the Warhammer Fantasy universe there are three Elven armies to chose from; the Dark Elves, the High Elves and the Wood Elves. Each has quite a different personality.

High Elves

The High Elves are an ancient and proud race, brining to mind the Elves of J.R.R. Tolkein's Rivendell. They bear themselves in battle as they do in court; each move is meticulously planned and beautifully executed. The leadership and discipline of the High Elves is unmatched, they are fast and smart in combat, and their ancient magics are deadly to foes. The High Elves have heartbreakingly beautiful miniatures, with common colors ranging from royal hues of blue, sapphire and teal mixed with the silver and golds of their armor and white representing the purity of their hearts and goals.

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Dark Elves

Vicious, Cruel, Cunning. The Dark Elves embody everything that a fallen elf could be. This sinister culture of ferocious raiders enjoy slaughter as its own reward and feel themselves superior to their brothers. They are a disparity in themselves; the white skin they bear from shunning the sun and all things of the light contrasts with the dark colors they choose to wear. If you are feeling particularly devious, or simply like the blacks, deep purples, dark blood reds and underground shades, a painted Dark Elf army is for you.

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Wood Elves

Mysterious and secretive, the Wood Elves of Athel protect the beauty and sanctity of the forest. With help from their Forest Spirit allies, they secure their deep forest borders from chaos raiders, their Dark Elf brethren, or any who would destroy the wood for their own selfish profit. The Wood Elves are more than allied with the forest spirits; they are one with the forests and their unique natural coloration and camouflage attests to this. All natural colors such as greens, browns and tans can make a classic Wood Elf army. However, you can always customize your army with seasonal colorations such as greys, whites, and blue tints for a winter Wood Elf battle.

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The artist enjoys painting the Elven armies because they share some very specific qualities. These three armies have been reissued by Games Workshop ® recently, with a great deal more detail that makes it enjoyable for the artist to paint. From the textures of their mounts to their windswept cloaks, these miniatures retain a inhuman grace that is all their own. Regardless of their race, the detailing for each specific army brings to life all of the preconceptions each of the armies represent.

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