Painted Empire Miniatures


Hail the Empire! The Empire is the largest and most powerful realm of Men in the Old World. The mighty Empire draws from its many resources from all provinces to field a diverse army ranging from Swordsmen and Spearmen to Archers, Crossbowmen and Handgunners.

Specialized units of warrior-knights are cult-like in their devotion to the Empire, and live and die by their codes of honor, chivalry and self-sacrifice. In addition to their exceedingly devoted warriors, the Empire boasts some of the most advanced (and sometimes bizarre) artillery in the Warhammer World. Years ago they acquired information and technology from the Dwarfs, and their special engineers have worked tirelessly to make them their own. Next to the Dwarves (of course) the Empire has some of the most dangerous cannons, mortars and war-machines you'll ever witness in the Old World.

On the Battlefield

On the battlefield the Empire is a stunning sight to behold, and will rely on its large numbers to win a battle. But, perhaps the greatest feature to an Empire army stems from its diversity. Based on your fighting preferences, you can choose an army skilled in weapons of mass destruction that blasts its foes from far away with powerful artillery and handgun fire, or you can choose an army that specializes in hand to hand combat and would rather march into the thick of a bloody battle. You can also, of course, choose a combination of many fighting styles to hone an army of Empire warriors entirely your own. Your Empire Army will be entirely unique and always a surprise to your opponents.

The key to the look of an Empire army is the mix of brightly colored uniforms, polished metals and the muddied browns of the Militia. When complete, an Empire army, with its varied troops and fluttering banners, is one of the most pleasing armies to look at on the battlefield, its many units, although different, blending together to feel like a "real" army.

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