Painted High Elf Miniatures Gallery


The High Elves are one of the most ancient races of the Warhammer World. Isolationist by their own accord, the High Elves fight to preserve their way of life and protect their home. Often viewed as somewhat haughty, or more euphemistically - proud, the High Elves are excellent fighters. Swift and highly skilled with sword, spear and bow, these armies are a general's dream.

Additionally, High Elves have developed their sorcery skills far beyond that of any other race. Because their numbers are dwindling, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect their homeland of Ulthuan, this magic is integral to their survival. High Elf mages are mighty spell casters whose awesome energies have won many a battle.

On the Battlefield

Just as they are precise fighters and lead an extremely discerning lifestyle, the accoutrements of High Elves reflect their finely honed aesthetic. Weapons are meticulously and elegantly crafted and are often passed down through generations of warriors. Even their dress is elegant and carefully appointed. From individual scales of armor to their shapely helms, High Elves are some of the most elegant and beautiful pieces in the game.

This army looks stunning in rich, royal hues as their silver helms and iron scales contrast brightly. The overall effect makes a bold statement sure to impress your comrades and intimidate your foes!

High Elf Miniature Gallery Coming Soon!

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