Painted Lizardmen Miniatures

Lizardmen Fantasy Miniatures Gallery


The Lizardmen are an ancient and mysterious race who ruled the steaming jungles of the aptly named Lustria long before Men, Elves or even Dwarf walked the world of Warhammer. Due to their incredibly diverse strengths, Lizardmen are formidable opponents. These beasts of unrivaled magical ability are perfect for the creative spirit; as their diverse units allow for a wide array of troop combinations and battle tactics to experiment with.

On the Battlefield

Lizardmen Armies are open to everything from, skirmishing Skinks to the monstrous Stegadon, making them exceedingly customizable and individualized. In keeping with this notion, the armies are often brightly colored in exotic hues.

Lizardmen look best painted in a single unifying skin color (shades of blue, turquoise and green are popular), with a complimentary color chosen for any shields and banners (reds and oranges really pop against the cool blues suggested). If you want to further distinguish your large monsters and center-piece models, try having them painted in a different color.

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