Painted Lord of the Rings (LOTR) Miniatures

You know the story; now you can be a part of it. The Lord of the Rings Strategy Game allows players to recreate all the action, drama and most importantly, battles of Middle-earth. In fact, whether you play Lord of the Rings, or you're simply a fan and collector, our Painted Fantasy Miniatures will transport you to the rich, mysterious and internationally beloved world of Middle-earth.

There are many different lands and races supported by the LOTR Strategy game that make up Middle-earth, including the Shire, Arnor & Angmar, the Elven Havens, Moria, the Woodland Realms, Rohan, Isengard, Gondor (including Númenor), Mordor, the Dwarf Holds, the Eastern Kingdoms, and Harad.

Character Choices

As discussed, your Lord of the Rings army is incredibly versatile. You can choose between dozens of characters including: Warriors of Minas Tirith (the mainstay of an army of Gondor, Rangers of Middle-earth (forming the core of a Grey Company Army and providing effective missile support), Dwarf Warriors (the mainstay of a Dwarven Army, and great allies for armies with low courage or defense), Riders of Rohan (among the best Good Cavalry), Wood Elf Warriors (excellent guerilla fighters who rely on sword, spear and bow), Warriors of the Last Alliance (a combination army of Men and Elves), the Fighting Uruk-hai (savage warriors outfitted in thick armor), Mordor Orcs (a mainstay for most Evil armies), Moria Goblins (a low cost and flexible fighting force), warriors of Harad (versatile warriors who are particularly skilled archers) and, finally, Easterlings (excellent defenders and extremely versatile warriors).

With so many lands, races and characters, the gameplay of the Lord of the Rings Strategy game may seem intimidating, but it's really quite simple. Essentially, the tabletop LOTR game is a battle of good versus evil. You may choose either side, and, unlike many other Warhammer armies you can choose a troop based off as many different characters as you like, so long as they all fall within one side, all good or all evil.

So whether you're in it for the game play, or you're just a lover of Lord of the Rings collectibles, allow us to help outfit your pieces to the best of their ability. From the iridescent scales of your army's dragon to the billowing robes of Gandolf the Great, we'll make your LOTR collectible pieces come alive.

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