Painted Ogre Kingdoms Miniatures


These monstrous beasts live far east of the Old World, nestled deep in the craggy valleys and cave networks of the Mountains of Mourn. These huge brutes are experts at two things: eating and fighting. Their power lies in their size, and in the sheer physical force of their attack. To their enemies, their powerful charge, which smashes armies like a ton of bricks, can be devastating.

On the Battlefield

Fast and brutal, these creatures can be quite an intimidating sight, to say the least. In gameplay, their pieces dwarf most others; and make an imposing, if somewhat mismatched, army as Ogre warriors come in many shapes and sizes. From Tyrants (the biggest, strongest and fiercest of all Ogres) to Gnoblar's (a hodgepodge of warriors carrying everything from broken bottles to pointed sticks, to inject a little humor into your charge), each unit of Ogres is sure to be unique.

If you're looking for a particular level of cohesion among your forces, consider using the same color scheme on all pieces. Conversely, if you're all for letting the Ogres many personalities and looks stand on their own, you've got hundreds of options for your custom painted miniatures.

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