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Miniatures and miniature collections have become not just part of a bigger hobby, such as with D&D, but also a hobby in and of itself. The standard 20-25mm miniature of old has gotten larger and larger over the years, with most Games Workshop/Citadel miniatures standing up to 5-7mm higher (that's a lot for a diminutive humanoid!). Even miniature giants such as Reaper, and now the multitude of emerging smaller miniature sculpting and casting companies are creating larger miniatures. You can find D&D-worthy 32mm, or larger miniatures such as 54mm meant for display. Some artists create pieces that can only be called fantasy sculpture, at 1/10 or even larger scale for busts. The emerging miniature sculptors are amazing, their remarkable attention shows in every minute detail of their creations. Even many famous fantasy artists such as Larry Elmore, Clyde Caldwell, Jeff Easley and Keith Parkinson have their own miniatures lines, often based on their amazing fantasy art.

Make the dream come alive

However, be aware when purchasing that these miniatures come unpainted! The miniatures displayed are often professionally painted versions of the unpainted ones that you can purchase. If you find a miniature that catches your eye, send it our way; Painted Fantasy Miniatures can re-create any paint job that you have pictures of, make the changes that you want, or be completely at the mercy of your imagination. Remember; whatever your fantasy, we'll bring it to life.

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