Painted Pegasus Knights Miniatures Gallery

Duties and Background

Like all Knights of the Realm, the duties of the Pegasus Knights are to defend their domain with honor and bravery until death. Pegasus Knights are the richest and most influential of all the Knights of the Realm. Their prestige allows them the honor of owning the elusive and powerful Pegasus; as these creatures are difficult to capture and challenging to train. Noble and proud, these beasts are exceptionally intelligent and ownership of one of these majestic animals is the ultimate symbol of wealth and success.


Pegasus Knights are an invaluable asset to your Bretonnian Army. Knights fortunate enough to own a Pegasus have a distinct advantage over other knights, as these great beasts are stronger and faster than even the mightiest of warhorses. Pegasus' are able to cover great distances swiftly because they need not concern themselves with the perils of Difficult Terrain.

Each Unit of Pegasus Knights should consist of between 3-10 pieces. They carry for Equipment: Hand Weapon, Lance, and Heavy Armour & Shield. Their Mount is the Pegasus. In every Unit of Pegasus Knights, one Knight must always be upgraded to a Gallant at no additional cost. Units of Pegasus Knights have the option to upgrade one Knight to a Musician for +10 points, or to upgrade one Pegasus Knight to a Standard Bearer for +20 points.

Special Rules: Flying Cavalry, The Knight's Vow. If the Army is led by a Bretonnian Lord who is riding a Royal Pegasus, the 0-1 restriction for Pegasus Knights is void.

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