Painted Skaven Miniatures


Skaven dominate Warhammer's underground. Stretching across entire continents and seas, through a vast network of underground caves and tunnels, the Skaven are constantly scheming to one day overthrow the Warhammer world above. However, ruthless and cunning, these rat men are unable to suppress their greedy and deceitful nature and will back-stab each other as often as they will the enemy- which may attest to their failures thus far. Rife with corruption, treachery and filth, the Skaven lifestyle is a bleak yet malevolent one.

Players looking for an army based on honor and nobility should look elsewhere, but those looking to dominate a battlefield by sheer force of numbers may find the Skaven a perfect match. Skaven are the ultimate horde army and it's possible to have over 300 models in an army. In keeping with their ruthless nature, generals must not be wary about sending their Skaven warriors to die. Sacrifice is key to their survival in battle, as the Skaven's most valuable tool is to overwhelm their opponents in swarm-like numbers.

On the Battlefield / Character Choices

Skaven warriors come in several shapes and sizes. Lacking discipline and determination, Clanrat Warriors and Skaven Slaves are expendable and thus form the bulk of any Skaven army. These individually weak troops work best in large groups. Clan Pestilens troops are tougher than average Skaven and wear tattered robes and bandages which provide not only an aesthetic contrast to the Clanrat's exposed fur, but extra protection as well. Then there are the Clan Skryre, the most experimental and intellectually advanced group of Skaven. These warriors specialize in the blending of evil magic and arcane Skaven technology. Add a few Grey Seers and Warlocks (to keep the disorganized bunch in check) and you've got an army. And don't forget the war machines! The Skaven have some of the most... unique in the game!

On the battlefield, the Skaven overwhelm the others with their sheer numbers. However, painting more than 300 pieces can be a daunting task. Work in small groups with a limited color palate, and to inject a little color to their dark grey masses, consider painting their swords one solid tone. And remember, if you're not up to the often tedious task of painting each miniature by hand, is here to help you.

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