Painted Tomb Kings Miniatures


The majestic and mysterious Tomb Kings are the keepers of the desert in the Warhammer world. An ancient and once vibrant civilization of men, the Tomb Kings were struck long ago with a dark necromantic curse that tainted and destroyed the land and left just the remains of ruined cities, and leagues of corpses who rise as undead men- literally skeletons of their former selves. Essentially, this army was essentially destroyed by their own quest for immortality. Their fury at the downfall of their great nation spurs the Tomb Kings in their quest at greatness once again.

On the Battlefield

These highly skilled skeletal warriors and their mystic monuments lead armies of chariots and bowmen to victory after victory on the battlefield. In terms of Army Selection, the Tomb Kings reward a meticulous and highly organized approach to planning and selection. Because they have such a diverse array of specific characters and skills, the Tomb Kings are deadly for their magic incantations and ability to gain movement on the battlefields. Glittering bones taking over the night, their march is reminiscent of a traditional Mexican el Dia de los Muertes (Day of the Dead) celebration, far more fearsome.

Character Choices

When beginning to craft your army, you should be careful to select plenty of skeleton warriors, and as many diverse character models as you can comfortably afford. Skeletons are the backbones of your army, and you've got a number of choices of skeletons, from bow and swordmen to Skeleton Light Horsemen. You've got a lot freedom with your character pieces, but all Tomb King Armies must contain at least one Tomb King or Prince to act as its General. All armies should also have at least one Liche or Light High Preist to be the Hierophant (responsible for waking the warriors from their deathly slumber).

On the battlefield the Tomb Kings are an intimidating force made all the more impressive by their shimmering metallic dress and brightly colored wargear. Their bone (literally) colored bodies make the perfect backdrop for deep, rich colors, and bright, vibrant shades to contrast beautifully, while gold and silver accents suggest a hint of majesty left over from their greater days.

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