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If the Knights of the Realm are the heart of your Bretonnian Army, then the Units are the hands. Units provide the Knights with a body of troops with which he can safeguard his domain. Many times, members of these Units will accompany their Knight when he is summoned away to war, while other members will remain behind to safeguard the castle and shelter local villagers until the Knight returns.


The term "Unit" simply refers to your field men. Units can consist of Knights, Bowmen and even Lords. Units of non-knights; such as men-at-arms and archers, are not as powerful as a unit of Knights, but each has their own specific skills and uses in a Bretonnian army. Their strength lies in their numbers. (large number of troops equates to a large number of dice rolls, all for a relatively small number of points.) Every Unit needs a Command, which may include a Bannerman, a Musician or a Lord.

Because Units are a broad distinction, this is your chance to really get creative with customization! You may choose to order a unit custom painted to coordinate with your favorite Knight, fielding that Knight's heraldry. Or perhaps you'll choose a Unit's colors as a reflection of your favorite Bretonnian Lord. For true personalization, you can choose to have your unit painted to reflect your personal family heraldry. You can purchase a Bretonnian unit with your own family crest, initials or heraldic coloring or art. Units are sold unpainted and unassembled in complete sets from Games Workshop.

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