Painted Vampire Counts Miniatures


Vampire Counts are a collage of powerful undead warriors whose inability to die makes them stronger, tougher and faster than any mortal creature. Their hideous bodies, eerie gait and sheer physical force mean that Vampire Counts' greatest weapon is the Fear they inject into their enemies.

On the Battlefield/ Character Choices

These armies are highly customizable in terms of fighting styles, because players can choose from five distinct bloodtypes (the Von Carstein, the Necrarch, the Blood Dragon, the Lahmia and the Strigoi) each of which dictating a different base battle style. While troop types remain consistent, each bloodline has a different specialty which will greatly vary the overall strategy. For example, while Blood Dragons are highly skilled in several forms of weaponry, but the Lahmia are masters of incantations that can beguile, confuse and ultimately freeze enemies. There are even stories of the Lahmia seducing the enemy into changing sides.

You've also got flexibility when it comes to designing how your unit will look. You'll want to stalk it with large numbers of undead warriors like Skeletons, Blood Knights and Zombies, but remember to let your Vampire Counts be the star. These uniquely skilled leaders will make your otherwise horde of powerful yet plain warriors into a specialty infantry, ready to take on anything.

While an army of Vampire Counts, with their dingily outfitted Zombies and bone-colored palate will look dark and gloomy on the battlefield, you can run the risk of looking drab. There is plenty of opportunity for exploration in the intricately designed livery on the warriors many shields, weapons and mounts. There is much more to painting an army of Vampire Counts than dry brushing ivory figurines. Remember, if you want your army to stand out, we're here to help.

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