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The Warriors of Chaos are inherently evil. These warriors are violent, brutal killers whose sole purpose in life, and battle, is to serve the Dark Gods. Their every move is calculated to glean the adoration and exaltation of the Gods of Chaos. Death, carnage and murder delight the Warriors of Chaos, whose greatest glory is achieved on the battlefield. Their lives are bleak as most Warriors live just on the edge of the monstrous domain known as the Realm of Chaos, and only the most hardened of these men go on to serve the Dark Lords as Warriors of Chaos.

On the Battlefield

On the battlefield, the Warriors of Chaos prove to be an incredibly enjoyable army to field. They are decidedly skilled in close-combat, and are some of the most brutal and destructive warriors in the Warhammer World. In fact, boasting a great Weapon Skill, Strength, Toughness and Attacks, and clad in protective Chaos Armour, the Warriors of Chaos are undoubtedly the best all-around warriors. And, to add insult to injury, the more the Warriors of Chaos dominate their enemies, the greater the blessings of the Gods of Chaos, and the more powerful these already strong warriors become. However, armies of the Warriors of Chaos are often outnumbered, so it is important for the players to choose their characters and models carefully. As General you'll need to be tactical and cunning with your use of your Warriors of Chaos.

Character Choices

Chaos Warriors and Chaos Marauders are at the heart of any chaos army. Chaos Warriors are extremley verstatile and are blessed with the marks of the Chaos Gods and magic standards. Chaos Marauders are lesser fighters but are signigicantly cheaper in points and are perfect for bolsering your battle line and harrying the enemy with their numbers. These warriors are a brutal force, but your army will, of course, need a leader. The Chaos Knights, Chaos Lords and the Exhalted Heroes are the most dangerous models in the army. From there, you've got dozens of options for outfitting your army, from a viciously powertul Chaos Sorcerer to hoards of expendable Chaos Hounds.

On the Battlefield, Warriors of Chaos are some of the most impressive pieces in the game. Huge and imposing, this mismatch hideous beasts is sure to intimidate your enemy. Best of all, their variety allows for a techinicolor assault on their eyes as well. If you like, you may choose a large color palate for your warriors, from a red, gold and black "Bloodthirster," to a sickly green and yellow "Great Unclean One." To put their best foot forward, be sure to paint them carefully, and remember, if you need a hand making your Warriors of Chaos as vibrant and intimidating as possible, our professional artist is up to the challenge.

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