Painted Wood Elves Miniatures Gallery


Wood Elves traditionally dwell in the Loren Forest, but many have expanded throughout the Warhammer World, collecting in the depths of large, thickly wooded forests. A rustic and highly private race, Wood Elves battle to protect the integrity of their land and to preserve their long-running traditions. These masters of ambush will battle fiercely to defend their realm and are widely understood to be the best archers in the world. Their guerrilla style of fighting means you wont (and shouldn't) have to face enemies head on.

On the Battlefield

Wood Elves are swift and cunning and excel in battles which allow them to use their agility and knowledge of forest terrain in order to perform hit-and-run tactics or long-distance tactics. Their strengths lie in their wit and shrewdness on the battlefield, which translate to quick maneuverability, expert weapons skill, a variety of tactics which induce Fear and, of course, their access to powerful Forest Spirit troops.

Compared to other armies, there are relatively few different pieces for a Wood Elves army, which means you can spend more time on the intricate customization of each one. You may choose to adorn each elf warrior differently, but in order to maintain a cohesive, organic and earthy palate, you may want to choose greens and browns as your base colors, and accent from there. Your palate will likely want to reflect colors found in the forests, the orange of tiger lilies, or the red of forest-floor berries. When painted carefully, Wood Elves are some of the most stunning pieces in the game.

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