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We understand and encourage you to become a part of your fantasy miniatures creations! Whatever your fantasy, we'll bring it to life. If you would like custom painting services for a single Warhammer, D&D or any other miniature or unit, please contact us for rates and availability.

Below is a list of prices for the more commonly requested pieces:

Warhammer Bretonnia:

* prices below reflect unassembled knights from Games Workshop; see ordering and assembly for details.

Bretonnian Grail knight:$75 USD
Bretonnian Knight of the Realm or Errant Knight$75 USD

Discounts on Units of 5 or more Bretonnian Knights of the Realm or Knights Errant $55 USD each.

For example:

A Unit of 5 Bretonnian Knights of the Realm or Knights Errant:$275 USD
A Unit of 8 Bretonnian Knights of the Realm or Knights Errant:$440 USD
A Unit of 9 Bretonnian Knights of the Realm or Knights Errant:$495 USD

Bretonnian Pegasus with custom base:$150 USD
Bretonnian Pegasus w/o custom base:$125 USD
Set of three Bretonnian Pegasus with CUSTOM bases:$ 400 USD

D&D / AD&D personal PC or NPC characters:

Single PC or NPC:$39.99 USD and up

* Please note that these will be custom detailed to your exact specifications; clear, distinct details are requested and specified miniatures may be required to be shipped to the artist.

Any other Warhammer, Reaper, GameZone, D&D, or ANY other Miniature or unit that you would like to have custom painted, please contact us with details and we will provide you with rates.
Please note that there may be a waiting list for Painted Fantasy Miniatures.

Ordering and Assembly:

The Customer agrees to pay for all shipping and insurance costs if miniatures will be shipped to the artist for custom painting. The prices above reflect unassembled miniatures obtained from Games Workshop or other retail or wholesale sources by Painted Fantasy Miniatures, LLC. The customer may make arrangements to ship pre-assembled or partially painted miniatures to the artist at differing prices. Please contact the artist with details and for pricing.

Service Agreement:

All orders must be arranged with the artist via our contact page. Please contact us for all service requests and inquiries. All serious requests and inquiries will be answered by the artist in the order they are received, generally within 24-48 hours during regular business hours. If you do not receive an answer to your e-mail in a reasonable amount of time, please contact the webmaster as we may not have received your inquiry.

Finalized agreements will include acceptance for service by both parties and agreement on number and type of miniatures to be painted, as well as color scheme and other specialized custom painting requirements as desired by the consumer. The artist will also make you aware of any delay in painting due to a waiting list or other interruptions in service, and will agree upon a timeline with you for receipt of your miniature(s).

Our Guarantee:

Painted Fantasy Miniatures guarantees that you will be pleased with your custom painting requests. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a digital photo or photos of your personal, finalized miniature(s) for your approval, within the time frame as agreed upon by the artist. Payment is not required until you have responded with the acceptance of your miniature(s). Please note that additional requests at this point in the service agreement may increase price (i.e. "Can you do a custom base for my new Pegasus Knight?")

Painted Fantasy Miniatures will send you a PayPal invoice upon receiving your approval.

Please note that if a response is not received within 5 business days, Painted Fantasy Miniatures reserves the right to put your miniatures up for auction or otherwise sell your miniatures.


We accept PayPal (preferred), from all customers worldwide. Once orders have been agreed upon via e-mail (as above), payment is required within 5 business days of PayPal invoice receipt.

We will also accept cashiers checks and Money Orders from United States customers ONLY. We apologize for any inconveniences that this may present. Please note that we will not ship your miniatures until the money order is received or the check has cleared, so this may delay your order.

If you are ordering these miniatures as a gift, please take mail and shipping times into account and inquire about the present wait time for Painted Fantasy Miniatures.


our miniature(s) will be shipped within 2-3 business days for US residents and the following weekend for International customers. We will ship to any area of the world using United States Postal Service (USPS); if you prefer to use a different carrier please mention your preference in your request.

Painted Fantasy Miniatures uses flat-rate shipping for costs for all packages as follows:

US Flat rate Priority via USPS:$6.95 USD
US Flat rate Priority Parcel via USPS:$4.00 USD
US Flat rate optional insurance rate:$4.00 USD
International Flat rate First Class via USPS:$11.95 USD
International Flat rate Priority via USPS:$27.00 USD

These prices reflect 1 miniature up to a full 9-piece unit. Shipping of larger orders will be arranged between the customer and the artist.


Insurance is offered to US customers only. However, if you do not chose to include insurance then we will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged packages and the material within.

International customers please note that we do not offer insurance for First Class mail packages due to the fact that it can not be tracked. If you would like your item insured then please choose the international priority option for shipment as it comes with partial insurance as well as tracking by both parties. For additional insurance on priority packages please ask for rates.

Also note that we will not be held responsible for any customs fees, or returned items due to unpaid customs fees.