Please, tell me all about your project on my contact page.

Miniatures and Miniature Mailing

Do you already own the miniatures or models that you would like painted? Or, do you wish to purchase them yourself? If so, you will be responsible for mailing them to me so I may begin the painting process. Otherwise, I can purchase the miniature(s) you have in mind, assemble them and the exact cost will be paid upfront as a deposit. Please note that if you mail miniatures to me you will be responsible for proper packaging so the miniatures arrive undamaged.

Painting Budget and Basing

Many factors determine the cost of painting miniatures. Please note that all miniatures are not created equal, and each miniature painting job will be priced based on the intricacy and difficulty of the miniature(s). All miniatures will be painted to the highest quality that that miniature allows. Some (often plastic) miniatures are not as detailed and simply will not look as good as a highly detailed high-quality metal miniature or Games Workshop standard miniature. Basing costs are figured into the price of the painting.

Basing options include: 

    • Green Flock (Grass)
      Grass Tufts
      Painted Dungeon Floor
      Plain Black (no basing option)

I strive to paint for everyone’s enjoyment: let me know if you have a specific budget in mind and I will do my best to accommodate you.


If you have a need for a miniature or set of miniatures to be painted within a specific timeframe, please let me know upfront and I will do everything in my power to accommodate you. I will not take on  a job that I cannot complete in the required time, so you can expect to have your miniatures on time!


I accept payment through PayPal. A deposit may be required for large jobs or those in which I will be purchasing the miniatures for you.


Please note that while every care is taken to lovingly wrap and package miniatures, many miniatures are made of plastic / resin and pieces may come unglued or even snap off (very rare) with rough package handling by the postal services. I ship Priority Mail through the USPS, and packages usually arrive withing 3-4 days. Larger miniatures, very delicate miniatures and armies of miniatures may be packaged and mailed differently or through a different shipping service, which will be agreed upon before the order is completed.


As miniatures are done on a custom basis, I do not accept returns once miniatures have been shipped. However, before your miniatures are shipped you will be updated with pictures of your project so there will be no surprises on receipt.